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Paid by Nancy Millan (DEM) candidate for Hillsborough County Tax Collector

P.O. Box 22066

Tampa, FL 33622

My name is Nancy Millan, and I am running for Hillsborough County Tax Collector in 2020. I have worked for the Tax Collector’s Office for over 30 years, starting as an Accounting Clerk and working my way up through the ranks to my current role as Director of Community Relations.  As part of the leadership team under our current Tax Collector, Doug Belden, I have been involved in modernizing the office and revolutionizing how we deliver services to our taxpayers, becoming an award-winning organization and the Gold Standard in government agencies in the state of Florida.


I will continue the legacy of Doug Belden’s leadership which has brought innovation and efficiency to the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s Office, making us one of the best government agencies in Florida. I am running for Tax Collector, because I want to ensure that your visit to our office is as quick and efficient as possible.


With over 30 years experience, I am the most qualified candidate to be Tax Collector and I will continue to serve our customers with excellence while ensuring that your tax dollars are not wasted. 


I am proud to have Doug Belden’s full support and endorsement of my campaign and many others to become your next Tax Collector, but it will take all of us working together to win in 2020. 


Nancy Millan

Efficient Leadership

I was part of the leadership team under our current Tax Collector, Doug Belden, I have been involved in modernizing the office and revolutionizing the way to better and faster provide services to our taxpayers.


Nancy is a Certified Florida Collector Assistant with certifications in Property Tax Administration, Management of a Florida Collector’s Office, Duties and Responsibilities of a Tax Collector and The Collection of Licenses, Taxes, and Fees.

Community First 

Recognized as Hillsborough County’s Hispanic Woman of the Year in 2001, Nancy Millan is not only a leader at the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s office, but also in the community. She has served on the Florida West Coast Credit Union Board of Directors since 2006 and is currently the Chairwoman. She was also recently appointed to serve as a member of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Hispanic Advisory Council.


Nancy and the leadership team at the Tax Collector’s office have brought innovative solutions to service delivery. From state-of-the-art online services to a customer queuing system used to expedite customer flow in the branch offices, and the most recent addition a self-service motor vehicle renewal kiosk, the modernization of the Tax Collector’s office has been unparalleled.


“Nancy has the experience and the values to lead one of the state's largest Tax Collector's Office, and she has my full endorsement.” 


—  State Senator Janet Cruz